how to invest in stock market india for Indians & NRI

Equity Stock Market can give you highest Return than mutual funds, pension schemes or any other funds available Provided you Invest in High Growth companies & Monitor businesses until you hold !

Suggest you try Elongate Global Investments they are under top 3 companies in India who provide highest returns in Equity stock market. They provide personalised consultation services.

Subscription plans starts from 99Rs. & 5999 plus gst for life time support which is quite affordable & Cheapest in the India .

Its like creating a fund in Your own demat & Have full control on it , You can liquid it anytime want as there are no formalities like locking period, management fees, exit charges etc .

Create, Re-balance Portfolios for Indians & NRI . Returns are upto 30–35% CAGR from the same Indian Stock Market .



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