Terms & Disclaimer

 We Don’t run any investment schemes to double the investments in short term, Nor do we provide any Buy/Sell Trading tips in derivative segment which involves speculations of any types.
 Our Services are based  purely on fundamentals of any businesses & Performance of any Companies strictly & Solely in long term !

A ) Market will be always highly volatile and the portfolio may show negative returns in short term ( Less than a Year )

  • Returns & CAGR will be applicable to investment with a time frame of 3-5 years minimum  .
  • We don’t provide any intraday, Short selling, f&O or any other speculative tips .
  • We Don’t execute trade on investor’s behalf. 

B ) Every investor profile & Risk taking appetite is different from other investors therefore replicating portfolio can be risky

  • Our education recommendation content on Stocks & Companies will perform on long term ( More than a Year )  in creating wealth & Shall be highly volatile in short term .
  • Stock market is a package of bull & Bears, Up, downs, corrections & Consolidation phase, Investors entry in any phase will determine the level however Portfolio returns are subject to long term association with stock market . 
  • Investors are advise to maintain our education recommendation portfolio separately from their personal demat to monitor & track the exact returns & Performance of the newly prepared portfolio  .
  • Any addition in the stock, Changes in allocation of funds, Any kind of new trade other than our recommended businesses investments in the same demat will eventually impact the Risk & Reward & May change the expected CAGR .
  • Investors need to operate any such trading in a new demat .

C ) Taxes will be charged as per the Indian Taxation Law & FEMA Act

  • For NRI – Investors are required to operate NRO account in India for investment purpose in which returns are obtained in INR  .
  • Life Time Support is via email & Will restrict to equity only .
  • Stock market works in cycle from bull to bear therefore it’s bound to correct at any level & consolidate for long however investors results are based on long term investments.
  • Don’t leverage ( loans ) & invest in stock market.
  • Our content should be used for education purpose & We aren’t responsible for any loss incurred directly or indirectly .