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Our Mission

Empowering individual investors worldwide to create their own funds in their own demat with no management fees or exit charges have full control on your funds & Liquidate anytime with highest returns compare to any other funds, Timely monitoring & Manage effectively for best performance cagr.  

           What we do ? 

  • Creating, Re-balancing Portfolios. Consulting fundamentals of businesses in long term, Tracking performance of portfolio companies & Timely Alerts  for best performing portfolios of our clients ! 
            What we don’t do ?


  • Any Tips, Speculations, Intraday, F&O, Or Investment schemes in any form for short term benefits !

       Corporate Identification Number : U67110MH2021PTC359111

About us :

WE BELIEVE IF IT’S YOUR FUND THEN IT SHOULD BE IN YOUR DEMAT &  PROFITS SHOULD BE YOUR ACCOUNT With No Management Fees & No Exit Charges & No expense ratios. Every Portfolio Has An Ability To Perform More Than Any Other Funds, Provided Its Has Been Created With Discipline, Appropriate Risk Management & With Accuracies.

We are a financial services company in educating & Consulting which offers Investors, Trust services and fund administration for collective investment strategies. 

Our Clients includes HNIs, bankers, Commercial firms, Domestic & Offshore investors & Mostly from Middle-Class segment .

Making long term investing simple to understand as Stock market isn’t complicated – 

 – It’s better to consider Asset Light businesses or where the debt is less or in futuristic businesses .

 – Avoiding capital intense businesses like Metals, Telecoms, Aviations, Real Estate, Auto & More can continue to remain under pressure in your portfolio. 


  • 1Lakhs with Mutual Fund in 10 Years = 4.41 lakhs ( 16% Average CAGR )
  • 1 lakhs in Direct Equity with us in 10 years  =  16 Lakhs ( 32 % Average CAGR )

Our Priority Sector Investing

Why Us?

500% + Returns in past 7 year

Only NRI support to invest in Indian Stock Market

Personalised Portfolio Tracking

Prior Alerts on Insolvency, Financial Frauds & Other risk

Designated relationship manager

Quarterly Results Updates & Market Alerts

Control Your funds in Your demat

Control Your funds in Your demat

Interactive Consulting

No Management fees, No Exit charges or expense ratio

One Time Pay, No yearly subscription


Common Investors Mistakes