Equity Vs Gold Vs Real estate



Which is better Equity or real estate ?
  • The returns generated by investing in equity stock and funds  are comparatively higher than of real estate investments . Moreover you can start with low investment in equity but to invest in real estate capital required is more.
  •  Risk associated with equity is comparatively higher than real estate . Therefore Elongate Global Investments helps our clients in correct selection of stocks & Monitor their portfolio companies & Investment life time for our clients to achieve highest CAGR which can be more than double than real estate or gold.  

Is it good to invest in gold & Equity ?

  • It depends on the requirement of the investor, Expecting high returns form gold is difficult however equity in long term can give a very high returns however it remains highly volatile in short term wherein gold continues to remain a stable investment . We strongly recommend to invest in Equity for long term in proven consistent compounders over the years if you expecting a high returns or want to create a corpus for you retirement .  If you don’t like volatility  & satisfied with returns slightly more than prevailing FD rates than you can invest in gold.


I have a short term requirement of funds which can be in 1 years time should I invest in stock market or keep it in FD ?

  • Please keep your funds in Fixed Deposit & Not in equity market for any short term requirement as stocks will remain volatile in short term & there might be a chance your investment can be in negative depending on market situations .
Final Thought : Equity market will outperform only in long term ( 5-10 years ) therefore you have patience to hold companies in long term then Equity investment can maximise your returns in Indian Stock Market .

1. Equity

Key Benefits

  • Diversifies the investment portfolio and reduces the risk associated with parking all funds at a place.
  • It is relatively easy to liquidate the stocks and funds.
  • You will have the potential to earn high returns.
  • In case of mutual funds, you can start with a minimum amount of Rs. 1,000.
  • Money is handled by professional fund managers.
  • Post-tax returns are efficient.


  • High risk associated with the short term investments.
  • High volatility in the short term investments.
  • Difficult to choose stocks.

2. Gold

Key Benefits

  • It is easy to invest in physical gold.
  • Gold investments will give high dividends over the long-term.
  • You can convert gold into jewellery and ornaments for personal use.
  • You can avail of loans easily by mortgaging the gold.


  • Price of gold is associated with several macro-economic factors.
  • There are no tax advantages for gold investments.
  • Storing gold possesses high security risks.
  • Cost of storing and maintaining gold is high.
  • No regular income in the form of dividends or rent.
  • Transparency in case of buying and selling gold is low.

3. Real Estate

Key Benefits

  • Comparatively low volatility.
  • A gradual increase in market prices will lend stability to your investment.
  • You can avail of house loans easily by mortgaging the property.
  • If the property is rented out, you can earn regular income.


  • Requires a large capital to invest in property.
  • High transaction costs due to stamp duty and registration.
  • Cost of maintaining the property is high.
  • Liquidity is low, since properties are difficult to sell immediately. So, it is not easy to use this investment during emergencies.