How are you different from others as there are many companies like Zerodha, Angelone, Motilal Oswal   ?
  • Firstly we aren’t a stock Broker, We don’t provide a platform to buy & Sell , You need to invest in your own Demat account & We don’t trade, buy or sell on investor’s behalf . All the investors have entire control on their demat, funds & can liquidate anytime . 
  • We are a INTERACTIVE FINANCIAL CONSULTING company We Provide direct interaction with the clients to help them maintain their portfolio with highest returns . We not only monitor your portfolio but also track life time performance of your portfolio companies so that you get a prior alert if there are any issues which needs immediate re-balancing !
  • Returns are 2x than our closest competitor & under Top 3 in India 
  • Our support though dedicated relationship manager. We help you to create your portfolio by investing at a correct levels, Track your investments, Portfolio companies, interactive consultancy & market alerts 
  • Our plans are cheapest, Affordable & Mission for every investor is to grow financially .
  • Our support provided is fastest in 1 business day  .
  • We help investors to understand functioning of Indian Stock market to ensure high conviction level of investment with a friendly approach .
  • Moreover every investor will experience the journey of their investment if done correctly & Timely with our services of interactive consultation on your portfolio companies, Life time Portfolio Tracking, & Mostly importantly prior alerts of any possible company which needs an exit from your portfolio in long term fundamentally to ensure your Investment automatically achieve high returns .

I am afraid of stock market volatility, Should I invest ?

  • Please don’t invest in stocks in any forms if you are afraid of price fluctuations. Any stock may do down in short term after you buy as stocks are traded on exchanges which are volatile in nature therefore your portfolio may decrease 10%-30% depending on market & Global situations. If you see decline in your investments in short term thats just your notional loss . Invest only when you can keep it for long term horizon in consistent compounders with proven track record by Timely monitoring their performance . Your investment will achieve highest returns in long term investing .

I want to invest but how should I invest in stock market I don’t know ?

  • You need to first identify yourself if you are a trader or  investor . If you are a trader please follow price, Increase your technical skills & Trade with a smaller amount to begin under guidance of a mentor .
  • If you are an investor then we take care of your portfolio investments with our Life time support . It’s important to know where you invest & at what price & Monitor portfolio companies till you hold . 
Why 95% loose money in stock market ?
  • This is because majority of investors comes with traders mindset. There is nothing wrong with trading but trading without knowledge & mentorship is dangerous. Investors assume stock market as gambling market & invest to double their investment within few months or days .
  • Moreover when an investor invest in a share they are least interested in knowing more about business of that company. Another major reason is Improper allocation of funds, Not tracking portfolio companies, News based investing, Allocating more in penny shares, investing without patience .

I need funds in 1 years time , Should I break my FD as stock market is rising now & Invest in stocks ?

  • Please don’t break your FD, Keep you funds safe for any short term requirement in FD. FD is not for investment purpose but for emergency funds requirement . Invest in stocks or equity market only when you can keep your investment for long term horizon or at least more than a year.

What kind of support can I expect from Elongate Global Investments after I subscribe & How can I get best returns ?

You can expect a 5 Years Support with Premium subscription which is 6999 just one time pay . You will be contacted by our Team who will then understand you & Your High Growth portfolio will be created. We will help you in investing in businesses which can compound your wealth in long term. Our Team constantly work on investors portfolios by interactive consulting with clients, Deep analysis of your investments, Micro & Marco factors, Alerts on insolvency risk or possible financial frauds by any company or promoters in your portfolio, Quarterly financial updates & Analysis, Corporate governance & Corporate action, Imp Market Alerts, Consultation of any portfolio company or any other important alerts which is associated with your investment to safeguard & give you maximum returns. When you perform necessary actions & Checks for long term investing you will automatically achieve returns which can be highest comparatively.


Is it a one time subscription ? 

Yes, For Premium plans ( Rs. 5999 + 18% GST ), It's one time fee for a 10 Years subscription support which is best in the market. 


Can I invest & forget my portfolio in Long term, Why Do I need to track my investment  ?

We believe its your hard earned money therefore tracking your investment companies is very important, Multi-baggers like DHFL, Yes Bank, Jet Airways, Alok Industries, RIL Communications, RIL capital, Avanti feeds, & Many More examples ruined investors money. Every Investment require constant monitoring of business which involves tracking financials, Corporate Governance, Micro & Macro factors & Many more metrics time to time to get best returns. Don't worry we know you occupied with your job or business therefore we do this for you !


I am working full time, Do I need to know how to read balance sheets or Be alert all the time  ?

No, Our life time subscription will monitor your investment on daily basis & Will intimate you as soon as there is a need to exit any company or investment to ensure maximum safety.


Why is Diversification of funds important in stock market ?

Its is the most important parameter while investing in stock Market. Its determines your returns & Calculates your risk . Investing high in quality large - Mid caps & less in small caps are highly recommended . Moreover investing sector wise can protect your portfolio. Improper Allocation in stocks can lead to heavy losses. Therefore it's important to understand where to invest & In what quantity.


How will I contact Elongate for any help  ? 

We provide INTERACTIVE FINANCIAL CONSULTING on WhatsApp & On email (connect@elongateglobal.com).  You can contact us by filing contact us form too.  However our relationship manager will contact you for support upfront soon as you subscribe. 


What is Lumpsum Investment ?

Lumpsum investment or one-time investment is a style of investment in which you invest once (Lumpsum) and allow your invested money to generate compounding returns over a given time frame.


Whats SIP investment ?

SIP is a method of investing a fixed sum, Regularly every month on a certain date, in a mutual fund scheme or direct equities.


Do we also get support on other investments or Other assets  ?

Sorry we support only equity & Long term investing for our paid subscribers.


Can my portfolio go down in short term  ?

Your portfolio may go down upto 20-40% immediately after investment as no one can time the market however in long term it will bound to be profitable with our consultancy & Support provided .


How can I expect high returns from my investment in stock market ?

Don't worry we are there to assist all the time,Timely Tracking, Correct investment strategies, Discipline, Appropriate Risk Management &  Accuracies. Returns can be achieved with an expectation of 30 % CAGR in Long term ( 10-15 years ) more than any fund comparatively .


What do I need to check fundamentally before investing in any company ?

There are no fix parameters however start from the basic details like positive free cash flows, Net profits & Sales Growth should be sustainable & Growing, Higher Operating margins, Strong shareholding patterns, ROCE & ROE should be positive. PE can be less than 150 on higher side, Reserves should be more than debt or company should be virtually debt free. Business can be asset lite. Promoter credibility & Companies past performance matters. Promoter pledge holding should be less than 10% maximum. Stock returns in past 10 years, Capital expenditure with future plans & Many such metrics .

What is a Penny Stock ?

Penny stocks, as the name suggests, are stocks which are very cheap and have low market capitalisation. These stocks are generally priced below ₹25, making them very attractive to investors but the risk is equally high.


Should I invest  in Penny Stocks ?

Yes , You can however keep your allocation low compare to quality stocks. Generally your allocation in penny stocks should be the amount you can afford to loose without any hesitations .


Can I get 10x profits in short term ?

We recommend you to try other investment opportunities other than stock market . Stock market is a package of bull & Bears, Up, downs, corrections & Consolidation phase, Investors entry in any phase will determine the level however Portfolio returns are subject to long term association with stock market . Example : If you enter in bull market Your next level can be bear & Consolidation phase for few months or years & Vice versa .


Can I get 10x profits in Long term ?

Yes provided with correct investment strategies, Discipline, Appropriate Risk Management &  Accuracies. Returns can be achieved with an expectation of 30 % CAGR in Long term ( 10-15 years ) more than any fund comparatively .


What are large & Mid Caps ?

Large-cap companies are companies that are big and well-established in the equity market. ... Market capitalisation: Large-cap companies have a market cap of Rs 20,000 crore or more. Meanwhile, the market cap of mid-cap companies is between Rs 5,000 crore and less than Rs 20,000 crore.


I am an NRI, Currently I have saving account which is operated by my relative in India,  How can I invest directly in Indian Stock market ?

Firstly you should convert your saving ac. into NRO ac. so that you can operate it legitimately online by you from any part of world. Your account should be dealt separately & Individually by you for better transparency always.  NRI be default needs to open a NRO account with available reputed banks for any investment purpose in which returns will be obtained in INR .


How much will be the tax deduction on my profits ?

Short term ( within 1 Year ) capital gain taxed will be at 15% on profits 
Long term  ( Above 1 Year ) capital gain taxed will be at 10% on profits over an above Rs. 100000 of exception limits
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